Wednesday , January 24 2018
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About Us

What makes us unique and sets us apart?

You walk into a theater. An usher hands you our magazine. The cover and the first few pages are a typical playbill—but the rest of the magazine is Artslandia, a performing arts guide that covers music, dance, and theater citywide. Wow! You’ll take this home.

We stand alone in our market, exclusively reaching readers who’ve already invested in our topic, performing arts. Our multi-discipline stories quicken arts audiences’ excitement to explore more shows than the one they’re currently sitting at.

Magazine Mission Statement:

Artslandia Magazine’s mission is to connect our readers more closely to their city’s music, dance, and theater, to enliven their existing appreciation for the arts, and to enrich their engagement to the level of life-long patronage. Our arts coverage is extensive, informative, inclusive, and fun.

Describe the market / target audience you serve:

We currently publish 5 titles and 13 issues per year: annual performing arts guides for both Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC; 5 issues per year each of a regular playbill-bound magazine and kids’ playbill-bound magazine; and a kids’ annual. Together, our total annual circulation is near 650,000.



  1. Catherine Carter

    Dear Artslandia:
    I recently took in a staged version of the musical: HAIR in Salem at Enlightened Theatrics. In one word: EXCEPTIONAL! Go see it, review it, and tell your followers!

  2. I am quite surprised that you overlooked a wonderful local theater, Triangle Productions! Don Horn does more with his modest budget than many of the larger theater companies. They certainly are as deserving as a number of the other smaller local groups you included. If you don’t know them, you should check Triangle out. And the Sanctuary on Sandy Blvd. has a cabaret and other venues available.

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