Sunday , February 18 2018
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From the Publisher, Misty Tompoles

On behalf of the entire Artslandia team, I wish to extend our sincerest congratulations to Portland Center Stage at the Armory on their 30th anniversary!

With impressive finesse and style, Portland Center Stage has elevated the prestige of the arts in Portland to national prominence. Over the past three decades the company has become both an icon and an anchor of our city. Their restoration of a beloved building transformed it into a place for our community to gather in laughter, tears, meditation, rage, and love. I am eternally grateful for their visionary leaders and staff, whose generosity in collaboration has been immeasurable to my own endeavors. Artistic Director Chris Coleman’s influence has furthered the progress and thinking of our arts community, making an actual difference in the cultural landscape. And, there is no one more respected in the arts community than Chief Operating Officer Cynthia Fuhrman. She is a light toward which we all gravitate.

Be proud, friends. You have done amazing things.

Misty Tompoles
Publisher + Founder


For your reading pleasure, 
here’s a list of other cultural icons turning 30 this season:

• Cherry Garcia

• Dirty Dancing

• The Princess Bride

• U2’s The Joshua Tree

• Full House

• The Simpsons

• thirtysomething

• Bombay Sapphire gin

• Prozac

• President Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech

• Larry Bird’s 59 free-throw streak (I am, after all, a Hoosier.)

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