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At the Drammys: a voice for equity

Portland’s Age & Gender Equity for the Arts is fighting for equal opportunities in the performing arts – and awarding $30,000 at the Drammys for the cause JUNE 20, 2016 // CULTURE, THEATER // OREGON ARTSWATCH “A theater that is missing women is missing half the story, half the canon, half the life of our …

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Vanessa Renwick talks “Next Level Fucked Up”

The veteran experimental filmmaker discusses her current installation at PAM, her upcoming retrospective at the NW Film Center, and the decline of Portland JUNE 1, 2016 // FEATURED, FILM, MEDIA, VISUAL ART // MARC MOHAN Vanessa Renwick has been kicking ass for over twenty years. It says so right there in the name of her website, the Oregon …

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“River of Fundament” is craptacular (in a good way)

The latest art-film epic from Matthew Barney, seven years in the making and five hours long, is inspired by Norman Mailer’s “Ancient Evenings” JUNE 1, 2016 // FilmWatch // MARC MOHAN Every morning, when Matthew Barney showed up on the set of River of Fundament to begin that day’s shooting, he looked around at whatever bizarre …

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Thriller “The Ones Below” is pregnant with menace

This chilling indie thriller about expectant neighbors conjures Polanski-style dread MAY 26, 2016 // FILM // ERIC D. SNIDER For all its miraculous beauty, there’s also something eerie and alien about pregnancy, even when you know how the baby got there and how it’s going to get out. Films have exploited the fears of …

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