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Jealousy’s cold dark heart, melting

On the outdoor stage of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, this season’s “Winter’s Tale” bends toward forgiveness, not justice JULY 6, 2016 // THEATER // OREGON ARTSWATCH By SUZI STEFFEN ASHLAND – A man tells his pregnant wife to hang out with his best friend and make the friend feel welcome enough that …

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INTERVIEW: D.A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus Do Look Back

The documentary masters ignore the title of Pennebaker’s landmark Bob Dylan film to reminisce about their 40-year partnership and discuss their latest film. JULY 5, 2016 // FILM // MARC MOHAN On Wednesday, July 6, the Hollywood Theatre will screen a double feature of two of the most impactful pop-music documentaries ever made, 1967’s “Dont Look …

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Winners of the 38th Drammy Awards

Well, last night’s Drammy Awards were a hoot and a half! Between hosting hijinks from The Third Floor, highlights included: The second annual Artslandia Award, of course! $5,000 in advertising value for Imago Theatre, announced by sparkling Adventures in Artslandia host “Susannah ‘Boom-Boom’ Mars.” The ensemble cast of Cygnet’s The Set-Up …

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At the Drammys: a voice for equity

Portland’s Age & Gender Equity for the Arts is fighting for equal opportunities in the performing arts – and awarding $30,000 at the Drammys for the cause JUNE 20, 2016 // CULTURE, THEATER // OREGON ARTSWATCH “A theater that is missing women is missing half the story, half the canon, half the life of our …

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ImPort / ExPort: Brisa Trinchero

Editor’s note: This week, Forbes interviewed Brisa Trinchero and other Broadway investors about a VERY sound decision: Backing Hamilton The Musical.  Whaddayaknow? Two years ago, she told Artslandia about another good judgment call: (mostly) relocating from Portland to Broadway. The following is re-posted from Artslandia Annual 2014-2015. ____________ If you ask …

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