Monday , January 22 2018


Since their founding in 1997, BodyVox has blossomed under the direction of Ashley Roland and Jamey Hampton. Hailed as Oregon’s most engaging, well-loved performance art ensemble and America’s most innovative dance company, BodyVox shows are perfectly human, theatrical dance experiences that elicit beauty and optimism. With their distinctive voice, athleticism, and sense of humor, this beloved company excites longtime dance aficionados and makes converts of newcomers.

This season, BodyVox will push boundaries and explore the range of dance by delving into questions such as: What is innovation? What is possible? How does dance intersect with other disciplines and artists? Bookended by BodyVox world premieres created by their resident artists, skinner|kirk dance ensemble and Katie Scherman, the season also includes Lexicon, which showcases the intersection between dance and technology, and Rain and Roses, which presents a largescale installation featuring live music and dance. Through the innovation, artistry, and humor they’ve come to be known for, BodyVox’s season seeks to engage and uplift audiences, leaving them with a sense of optimism and hope for what might be.

The 2017–18 season is their 20th, and the company is planning a yearlong celebration with performances and events centered around an important community asset—their dance center in Northwest Portland. In addition to classes, rehearsals, and performances, a gallery of BodyVox photographs will be available for public viewing throughout the year. In March, audiences can tap their inner power and don their superhero costumes for Super Ball–a night of dinner, dancing, and fun that’s sure to be Portland’s party of the year.





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2017/18 Season