Friday , September 22 2017
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A Better Bird-ier 2017


Getty shares her goals for the new year.

Rring out the old, and ring in the new. Whew! What a busy six months!

From creating my superhero alter ego at the Oregon Historical Society to perfecting my pirouette at Oregon Ballet Theatre, I have been one busy bird. You won’t catch me complaining, though. There’s never been a more important time to be a fledgling journalist. From the rise of “fake news” to the white hot debate on curly quotes versus straight quotes (curly, right?), it’s clear our society needs sharp-beaked truth-seekers like me more than ever.

With such a burden, however, comes the responsibility to be one’s best self. It is with this spirit of self-improvement in mind that I hereby present Getty’s Glorious List of Goals for a Better, Bird-ier 2017:

Did you know that journalism existed in the Dark Ages before the iPhone was invented? Neither did I! This year I pledge to put down my smartphone and pickup a laptop—as the ancients did.

It’s high time I introduced myself to that drone I keep bumping into crossing the Willamette.

Mayor Wheeler, the city deserves to know whether you can get me tickets to the up- coming tour of Hamilton. Stop evading the question.

Ha! Sorry, this isn’t a goal, just a hilarious bird pun. GROUSE! Get it? But seriously, “toucan’t” blame me for loving puns, can you?

Art is for everyone. I may never be a Starling (Ha!), but I can still make my mark. This year I resolve to end every day with an act of creation: write a poem; make a short film with my smartphone; draw; paint; or simply sit and let my dreams take flight.

Thank you, loyal readers, for sticking with me thus far on my Artslandia adventure. If you ever want to meet in person, you can catch me (and my friends, the Starlings) at Northwest Children’s Theater’s production of The Tail of Sleeping Beauty… with Puppets! (Jan. 28–Feb. 26). Otherwise, keep your eagle eyes out for more interviews from Portland’s #1 raptor reporter. And remember, if there’s a story to tell or an exclusive to scoop, Getty’s got it!