Friday , December 15 2017
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Letter from Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Artistic Director Kevin Irving


Our February full-length ballet is a chance for us to tell stories, to create with ballet and dance tales you want to experience and want to share. This year we unveil a completely new and updated Swan Lake, featuring the most iconic music ever written for ballet.

In taking on this new Swan Lake, we have sought to retain all of the traditions that have been passed down generation after generation—but to also look at ways to make the story even more compelling, more touching. Since this is a fairytale, we also took pains to be sure the lessons we are teaching are ones we truly believe in. Rest assured that our goal has always been to reinvigorate, not replace, our wonderful balletic traditions. And so, once again, OBT presents a full-length ballet that includes not only our main company, but OBT2, as well as many students from The School of Oregon Ballet Theatre.

Each evening of ballet is a journey of sorts—we hope you take this journey with us with your hearts open and your eyes as keen for new discoveries as Prince Siegfried’s are! And we hope you will get ready for a new season of unforgettable journeys in dance as we announce our performances for next year on February 23. Without giving too much away, I can guarantee there will be wonderful, heart-stopping dancing and all the beauty and delight you have come to expect from your ballet company, OBT.

Artistic Director | Oregon Ballet Theatre
Kevin Irving generously underwritten by Jeanette & Berritt Heinz

Swan Lake runs February 18 – 25 at the Keller Auditorium. Click here for more info.