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Meet a Snow Flake



This is Getty the Go-Getter, and we are here at Oregon Ballet Theatre with a very special guest from Oregon Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcracker.

GTGG: Hello! I am so happy to be here. Would you tell me your name?

KM: I am a Snowflake in The Nutcracker.

GTGG: WOWZA. I have never met a Snow- flake before. How long have you been a Snow- flake?

KM: I have been a Snowflake for eight years now.

GTGG: Wow, I didn’t know snow could last that long without melting. You must be a very powerful Snowflake.

KM: Well, it gets very cold in the land of the snow.

GTGG: Tell me a little bit about what the Snowflake does in The Nutcracker.

KM: The Snowflake dances around in a huge blizzard as Marie and the Prince travel to the land of the sweets.

GTGG: Have you been to the land of the sweets?

KM: I actually have. It is a wonderful place, and the Sugar Plum Fairy is the ruler.

GTGG: Wow, what is she like?

KM: She is absolutely wonderful and very SWEET.

GTGG: Sugar Plum Fairies do have to be sweet. Tell me about what is on this rack.

KM: This is a row of tutus. These are practice tutus. Dancers practice in these when rehearsing The Nutcracker.

GTGG: Do these come in bird sizes?

KM: I think they might; you probably need to order online.

GTGG: Are you in a practice tutu?

KM: No. I am in a real costume that we wear onstage when performing.

GTGG: I’ve heard every Snowflake is unique. What has been your favorite Snowflake?

KM: My favorite Snowflake is the second Snowflake to come out in this production. She does a huge jump very first thing, and it is very fun.

GTGG: Wow, a huge jump. Do you ever take flight?

KM: I like to say I take flight, but I have to come down eventually.

GTGG: Can we see that jump?

KM: Of course, and I can teach it to you!screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-52-15-pm

GTGG: WHAAAAAAAT? How do you spin without getting dizzy?

KM: All of us ballerinas know a trick called spotting. You pick a point in front of you, and you try to focus on it as long as you are spinning. That way, you will not get dizzy.

GTGG: You are wearing special shoes called pointe shoes, right?

KM: Yes, I am. These shoes allow us to dance on our toes. We are not supposed to dance on our toes without these shoes.

GTGG: What kind of shoes do you wear when you are not dancing on your toes?

KM: When we are not dancing on our toes, we wear soft, flat shoes. They are made out of canvas, so they are very flexible.

GTGG: Do you get a new pair of shoes for every show?

KM: I go through about two pair of shoes a week.


KM: Yeah, it is a lot of shoes.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-52-22-pmGTGG: How do my feet look?

KM: Gorgeous!

GTGG: Pointe or flat shoes for me?

KM: I would say flat shoes. You need a lot of training to dance in pointe shoes.

GTGG: Do you think I should clip my toe- nails?

KM: Maybe.