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Publish Artslandia in Your City

mistylinkedinThank you so much for your interest in an Artslandia Magazine franchise. We believe all thriving arts communities would be well served by a local Artslandia Magazine. It can and will make a difference to the performing arts communities around the country. Artslandia has been commonly referred to, and frankly self-declared, as Portland, Oregon’s go-to-guide for the performing arts. On an annual basis. we work with music, dance and theatre companies in and around the Portland area to publish their full-season production schedules. This includes ticket prices, performance dates and times, venue locations, contact information, show summaries, etc. Gone are the days of having to collect all the season brochures you could find (and missing many along the way). Now, Portland has just one place to find their art.

As an annual publication with a year-long shelf-life, Artslandia serves to create community among Portland’s performing arts industry. We believe that there is strength in celebrating a variety of performing arts disciplines within one magazine – in turn, breaking down the invisible silos that so often exist. Artslandia aims to be the hub and connector of Portland’s performing arts community. The magazine exists digitally and in print, and has spurred conversation and dialogue that have gone out and moved beyond the pages of the publication to include podcasts and behind the performance videos. Artslandia is both the print magazine and the living, thriving community of arts, artists, and audiences that surround it.

Artslandia’s mission is to connect and expose our readers to the music, dance and theatre that our city has to offer, and in doing so, inspire readers to discover performances that provoke and enliven them to become a lifelong patron of the arts. Our vision is to duplicate this model in other culturally rich and inviting cities.

Thank you for your interest in franchising with Artslandia Magazine. We are excited about the possibility of bringing Artslandia to your city.  Please email or call 503.922.2110 to request more information.

Misty Tompoles
Artslandia Publisher & Founder

Artslandia Magazine was founded by Publisher Misty Tompoles in January of 2011. With more than 14 years experience publishing the playbills for Portland’s largest theatres, Tompoles saw a need for an annual guide to the city’s performing arts offerings. An idea was born – the idea of a new kind of arts magazine -a local source for all things arts and culture in Portland. She had a vision for a publication that would support all the amazing work of the city’s arts organization, provide a one-stop source for arts event information, and provide a new platform for organizations to reach savvy, affluent readers. Artslandia has become the go-to resource for Portland’s art community and can easily become an invaluable resource in other cities.


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