Friday , July 21 2017
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The Wiz. Photo by Jolie Goodson.

Maverick Main Stage


Peanuts. Photo by Jolie Goodson.
Peanuts. Photo by Jolie Goodson.

W hen it comes to Maverick Main Stage Productions, you can expect the unexpected. This up-and-coming nonprofit performing arts company, housed in NE Portland, has a unique approach to their productions. Not only is every show original, but they are performed, inspired by, and written for an all-youth cast. Script development begins only after the cast has been selected. This unconventional method allows for each performer’s talents to be showcased.

“Everything about this organization is youth-driven” states MMSP’s founder, artistic director, teacher, and playwright. “Our performers are a diverse group of everyday kids with truly extraordinary talents.”

It is MMSP’s mission to provide youth with a platform to express themselves both artistically and creatively, affording students the opportunity to gain confidence and find their voice. MMSP hosts matinees of all of its shows for local schools. There is nothing more powerful than our youth witnessing a peer perform onstage and do something positive, inspiring, and successful.

Scripts are topical, thought-provoking, humorous, and often centered around themes of social justice. These shows aren’t just for kids, and they aren’t your typical kiddie productions. The content is edgy and clever… like the Pixar of live children’s theater.

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