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Cappella Romana


Dr. Alexander Lingas, founder & artistic director. Top PHOTO: Cyprus: Between Greek East & Latin West. Photos by Tori Ava Photography.

Cappella Romana specializes in early music. How early, you ask? Medieval, and more.

This professional choir exclusively performs Byzantine chants and related repertories—including some pieces so obscure that their founder, esteemed musicologist Dr. Alexander Lingas, translated them himself from ancient manuscripts into modern staff notation for the first time. (You can’t get more “old school” than that!) For their thorough mastery and preservation of these unique musical forms, Cappella Romana has risen to world renown. They’ve performed at venerated institutions, such as Oxford, Yale, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; they’ve sung on BBC and NPR broadcasts; and they’ve released 23 recordings, earning a Gramophone Record of the Year and praise from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. 

The choir’s 25th anniversary season is their biggest yet, with doubled Portland show dates and an all-time high of six programs, three special presentations (including a four-day festival honoring Arvo Pärt), and three offerings in their Guest Artist Series, including The Tallis Scholars. To celebrate the milestone, they’re even reprising the first concert they ever performed back in 1991.

There’s nothing quite like the reverent choral sound- scapes of ancient East and West Christendom. And no choir’s better suited than Cappella Romana to infuse that terra incognita with new life.


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