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Nelson Goerner Photo: Marco Borggreve

Portland Piano International


Natasha Paremski. Photo by Andrea Joynt


Portland Piano International has a singular mission: to showcase world-class piano soloists. They’ve done it for a long time—38 years—and they do it well, ushering Grammy Award winners, international concert hall luminaries, promising prodigies, and their ilk into Portland to each play a sort of two-night mini-tour. For their SOLO Series, featured pianists must present two wholly different programs on each of their two nights in town, making this gig “one of the most challenging recital series in the world.”

Though presenting a double repertoire may be demanding for touring musicians, it’s a boon to Portland’s piano audience. It means they can choose the program they most prefer or opt to see both performances—a double dose of an adored performer. Those options are more than most piano series offer, making Portland particularly fortunate.

Highlights of Portland Piano’s forthcoming season will include a contemporary music festival in November. PPI also plans to commemorate Beethoven’s death by presenting no fewer than 10 of his sonatas by the end of the 2016–2017 SOLO Series.


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