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From Artistic Director Loretta Greco


We are excited to ring in the new year with all of you and welcome you to the world premiere of Reel to Reel by our dear friend, John Kolvenbach. We are thrilled to have John’s work back on the Magic stage. I have no doubt that many of you will remember his writing — his breathtaking use of language and investigations of love and family first in our production of Goldfish (2009) and then our subsequent premieres of Mrs. Whitney (2009) and Sister Play (2015).

I have always loved John for the humanity and simple authenticity of his theatrical voice. A respite from our deafening, hyper-politicized existence, John’s worlds reveal a quiet, acutely-drawn and appropriately-awkward interior landscape of self. His absolutely one-of-kind language breathes life from the ridiculous to the sublime into the relationships he investigates, demonstrating the beauty and humility in contradiction, our need to be needed by others, the difficulties in manifesting that need, and our deep desire to connect in an increasingly disconnected world.

Over the past decade, I’ve watched John’s work grow more beautifully intimate. Reel to Reel is a testament to that growth as well as a departure in form for John. Within this work, he is exploring the intricate score that makes a relationship both endure and thrive. Through conjured and chronicled sound, the character of Maggie opens a window into the interior life of a 55-year long marriage, offering a peek at how a coupling evolves and a consideration of the quiet power that comes from finding the person who truly sees you.

In addition to John’s happy homecoming, we’re thrilled to round out this Magic family experience by welcoming back Will Marchetti (Fool for Love’s original Old Man) and Carla Spindt (Aunt Dan and Lemon), who have a long history both with Magic and with each other (Frankie and Johnny). Similarly, Zoë Winters, led the cast of Mauritius, my first season here. Andrew Pastides played the young boy in Goldfish in 2009 and then returned with his formidable turn as Eddy in last year’s revival of Fool. The shared history of company in tandem with John, returning for his fourth production in nine years, amplifies how steeped in Magic this production is. It is our great joy to share it with you.

Looking ahead, we’re getting ready for our raucous world premiere of Jessica Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love, a loving throwback to San Francisco in the 1970s, which is our final show of the season. Stay tuned for some exciting plans on the horizon. Thank you for being here and for all your support! We couldn’t do what we do without you. Enjoy!

Magic Theatre’s Reel to Reel ticket and schedule information here.

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