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From the Director Jane Unger

The great writer Philip Roth wrote “American reality has a way of outrunning art.” With her play 2.5 Minute Ride Lisa Kron has kept apace with the mercurial nature of American reality and sometimes outruns it, making for a dizzying ride. I didn’t know very much about 2.5 Minute Ride so when I sat down to read it, I brought no expectations with me. I was actually sitting on a plane at the time and beginning a 4.5 hour ride. It hardly took me four and a half hours to read but once I finished it, I needed the remainder of the plane ride to recover from the experience. It knocked me out in a great way and some of the punch of that knock-out came from the surprise of it. So, in the spirit of discovery, I don’t want to say very much about the play.

I will say that my favorite plays are the ones that ask important questions and don’t offer any simple answers. We are living in a time that is lacking in nuance, bordering on tribalism. It is so important to resist the ‘black and white’ of positions and to pay attention to the gray areas. One of the many things I love about 2.5 Minute Ride is that Lisa Kron focuses on those gray areas, leading us to ask some blistering and soul-searching questions about the moral compass each one of us chooses to follow.

Whenever we venture onto a ride at an amusement park, we give ourselves over to a force bigger than we are and while we may hold on for dear life, ultimately we surrender. For the next ninety minutes, I invite you all to buckle up, surrender and take the ride.

Profile Theatre’s 2.5 Minute Ride ticket and schedule information here.

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