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Move with Chitra!

Chitra: The Girl Prince is filled with many different types of dancing and fighting. Here are some of the styles you’ll see used onstage in this performance:

Chhau: An athletic style of Indian dance that combines martial arts and folk dance that originated in the Indian states of Odissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand. The dances are typically depictions of stories from Hindu epics such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Rabindra Nritya: The dance style of the dramas written by Tagore, which use song and dance to tell epic tales.

Bharatanatyam: This style of dance originated over 2,000 years ago in the temples of southern India. It combines complex footwork with a wide range of hand, eye, and face movements to tell stories.

Bollywood: A style of dance used in Bollywood Films, or the Hindi language film industry. These films often feature exciting dance numbers that combine classical Indian dance, folk dance, and Western styles.

Dandiya: A style of Indian dance from the Gujarat and Rajasthan states in India. Dancers dance with two sticks (called the dandiya) and move in formations while tapping with others. Dandiya is usually performed during the Navaratri Festival celebrating the victory of good over evil.

A Word from the Fight Choreographer, Kristen Mun: “The fights for Chitra will have a few different styles because my training and background is a mix of different styles and cultures. Along with the research that we dug into for Chitra, the simple list is Aikido, Chhau, Japanese bo staff, Irish spear, French and Italian sword play, and a variety of mma techniques sprinkled throughout to give it flair. These disciplines and techniques are mixed in with mine and my assistant, Alwynn’s, personal style, and then when we teach it to the actors. We encourage our actors to adapt it to their own unique style.”

NW Children’s Theater’s Chitra: The Girl Prince ticket and schedule information here.

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