Monday , January 22 2018
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Susannah Chats with Jamey Hampton of BodyVox

Susannah Mars--Raina Stinson Photography-3Susannah chats with Jamey Hampton of BodyVox Dance about their upcoming show The Spin
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“Don’t miss this exciting show, a different incarnation every night, an exercise in controlled chaos!”
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I hope you had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m giving thanks for BelloVoci, Rick Lewis’ talented trio of singers, Matt Hayward, Tim Suenkel and Norman Wilson, who created an exquisite new intro for the Adventures in Artslandia podcast.
Don’t miss their upcoming shows! Click here for tickets.

And, a special gift for Adventurers in Artslandia, a Flasher alert for a one-night-only concert, Tuesday, December 1st, with The Oregon Trail Trio, at 7:30pm. Show up at the Artists Rep box office, on Tuesday the 1st, mention the word FLASHER, and get a discounted ticket for the event!
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