Friday , July 21 2017
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Bag & Baggage Productions presents "Moby Dick, Rehearsed" at the Venetian Theatre in Hillsboro, Ore. (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

Bag&Baggage Productions


Bag&Baggage Productions presents Miracle on 43rd Street: A 1940s Holiday Radio Massacre at the Venetian Theatre.  (photo by Casey Campbell Photography)

Bag&Baggage Productions, as their name suggests, used to take their shows on the road.

Before settling in Hillsboro, this bold and hearty theater company traveled all over Oregon delivering their own unique interpretations of classic English and American plays. In fact, you might recognize the phrase “bag and baggage” straight from Shakespeare.

In 2008, B&B hung their hats at Hillsboro’s historic Venetian Theatre, and they’ve been regaling audiences ever since with their reliably witty, irreverent, and stylish plays. They love to test how far the classics can stretch. They often recast Shakespeare’s most commanding male characters as women; they sometimes adapt—and twist—classic literature into plays; “…and we do over-the-top farce comedies!” adds Artistic Director Scott Palmer. “People know us for that.”

This season, Bag&Baggage will rewrite history again, undertaking The Drowning Girls (a reframing of real life mid-20th century murders) and Brontë (an intimate portrait of literary sisters). All six of the season’s plays will expound on themes of evolution and adaptation—a mood the company’s feeling as they prepare to move out of the Venetian and into a nearby, newly designed Hillsboro theater home of their dreams.


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ARTSLANDIA APPLAUDS: Noises Off, a clever farce full of backstage action that will suit B&B’s sensibilities to a tee.