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Vietgone by Qui Photo: Jenny Graham.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival


Twelfth Night Miller. Photo: Jenny Graham

Oregon Shakespeare Festival may sound like a few weeks of the Bard, but it’s actually a nine-month rotation of Shakespeare plays—interspersed with other, newer plays with more contemporary themes. Headquartered in the southern Oregon hamlet of Ashland, OSF is a well-established dramatic destination that draws theater lovers from all over the region. And it’s well worth the trek: during one visit at peak season, you can catch up to nine plays!

William Shakespeare wrote a total of 37 plays, and OSF plans to fit them all into a 10-year period they call “Canon in a Decade,” beginning in 2015 and continuing through 2024. But for OSF, the spirit of Shakespeare doesn’t stop at the end of his pen—it extends to include a broader body of thoughtful work that “reveals our collective humanity” the way Shakespeare did. With that in mind, OSF’s just wrapping up the final round of commissions for another 10 year series of 37 plays: world premieres called “American Revolutions: The United States History Cycle”.

That’s right: this season in Ashland, contemporary U.S. history will cross paths with Elizabethan-era wisdom. Undoubtedly, drama will ensue.

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ARTSLANDIA APPLAUDS: OSF’s steady stream of engaging shows makes every visit a fresh adventure.