Monday , August 21 2017
Heathers: the Musical. Drammy Award-Winner Malia Tippets as “Veronica” and cast.



Ablaze: an a capella musical thriller. Ashlee Waldbauer. Photos by David Kinder.

An exclamation point in their name is just one hallmark that sets Staged! apart from other contemporary musical theater companies—but there are many more: Their musicians always share the stage with actors rather than being “put in a pit”; their shows always have a sparse, simplified set; and most notably, they feature teen performers playing sophisticated characters that are the actors’ own age. These distinctive traits together create such a signature mood that you always know when you’re at a Staged! show.

In addition to putting on musicals, Staged! runs a yearlong pre-professional theater training program, the S! Conservatory, where teens ages 15–19 learn the skills they need to be onstage, plus a tech/design mentoring program for kids who prefer to learn the ropes of theater’s many unseen roles.

This year, highlights for Staged! include their first collaboration with Artists Repertory Theatre in Paula Vogel’s A Civil War Christmas, S! Conservatory students debuting a new musical at Fertile Ground Festival that was written for them by two professional composers, and a trip to New York over spring break—in short, enough excitement for an exclamation point!


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ARTSLANDIA APPLAUDS: Portland’s only teen-focused musical theater company for forging new collaborations and creating original works.