Saturday , December 16 2017

Annie Meyer



Longtime landscape painter who creates minimalist and open-ended pieces while creating a legacy of art as business in Portland

Born: Wisconsin

Arrived: 1980

Favorite Place: Clinton St. Between 25th-26th

Why? Clinton St between 25th and 26th has been a long time favorite street for me- I had breakfast at The Wooden Spoon (where NoHo’s is now) shortly after I arrived in Portland in 1980. I was so lucky to become part of that neighborhood when I rented my storefront art studio there 20 years ago. I have to say it is one street in Portland that really has not changed- it’s always had a quirky, hip but funky and lovable ambience and it is such a very special block .

Portland is“Portland is the best place for me to be in the summer.”

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