Saturday , December 16 2017
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Claire Willett


A brilliant local playwright whose fan club is multiplying

Portland Native 

Favorite Place: The Grotto

Why? The Grotto is like Central Headquarters for Portland Catholics. We grow up coming here at Christmas for the Festival of Lights to pet the baby donkey or sing with our church choir, and we’ve all made last-minute visits to their gift shop for one of those classic “CRAP I NEED A BAPTISM GIFT FOR TOMORROW I GOTTA FIND A SAINT ELIZABETH OF HUNGARY MEDAL!” emergencies. But a lot of people never take the elevator up the cliff to the Upper Gardens, which is my real favorite place. I remember coming here a lot with my mother. It’s green and quiet and has beautiful views of Portland from the cliff and it’s a good place to walk around and think. Portland has changed a lot over my 35 years of life, but the Grotto is one of those places that feels untouched by time. It still feels the same as it did when I was ten.

Portland is…“Portland is…. in my bones”


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