Wednesday , January 24 2018

Dan Murphy


Co-founder of Broadway Rose Theatre bringing frisky nights to a Portland bedroom community

Born: New York

Arrived: 1991

Favorite Place: The Portland Spirit

Why? As a survival job when we first started the theatre I was the first singing waiter on the Portland Spirit. The difference with this restaurant as opposed to the many others I worked was that when we pulled away from the dock, suddenly we became suspended in time. Although I haven’t worked there in years, the relationship between the theatre and the boat has been wonderful and when I need to steal downtime and feel like I have been away, I take a trip on the boat.

Portland is…“Portland is still a place where you can come with an idea or a dream and with hard work and perseverance – make it come true.”

More with Dan Murphy


Nov. 25- Dec. 20:”A Very Merry PDX-mas“, Broadway Rose Theatre


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  1. Yeah Dan Murphy! So glad you made it to portland…..❤️