Wednesday , January 24 2018

Lauren Modica


An unforgettable performer with equal parts comedy and intensity

Born: Portland Native (1982)

Favorite Place: Ristretto Roasters

Why: I’m a big fan of coffee, and I’m a huge fan of Ristretto’s spaces — cozy yet airy, with great natural light. They’re some of my very favorite places to work (meetings, line memorization, writing). A lot of people are working, and sometimes putting very intense calls on Speaker, but there are a lot of people passing through (a testament to their coffee), which means there’s ample distraction and character-studies aplenty. The baristas are charming, cappuccino tight, and there’s always a cute dog or two in the vicinity, and that gets me every time. Ultimate Bonus.

“Portland is…in me, around me, and I hope it claims me as proudly as I do it. Portland is also going through a very public, sometimes awkward and angry, sometimes luminous Adolescence. It is a very emotional City. I think a lot of people want a lot of different things from Portland and it is just trying to choose a College, you know? I was born here, and I feel deep pride in the hub it has turned into — fantastic music, food, Arts, events. We are no longer Seattle’s weird Downstairs Neighbor. I’m thankful to have been rooted here for my entire life, and in the future, can’t imagine raising a family or living full-time anywhere else. It is a special place, with growing pains and follies all its own, but at the end of each day I am so thankful for the green, the light, the water. Doing the work I do, with the people and companies I’m lucky enough to work with, I think the Arts in Portland and surrounding communities have always been something people in this city are ready to fight for. Theaters are taking huge steps, receiving major attention, new, awesome companies are popping up, artists are thinking outside of traditional, one-lane trajectories, and there’s an influx of people from other, larger cities coming in, which leads to a pulse that gets stronger and stronger. It is an exciting, vibrant time, and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.”

More with Lauren Modica

December 4th-January 9th, “Fingersmith”, American Repertory Theater in Cambridge

February 22 – October 28,  Henry IV, Part 1″, Thomas Theatre in Ashland

July 4 – October 29, “Henry IV, Part 2”, Thomas Theatre in Ashland

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