Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Maureen Porter


Third Rail Rep’s leading lady and irresistible force

Portland Native

Favorite Place: Nostrana

Why? Ritual. Love. Great food. Gratitude. The fire in the pizza oven. Watching the elegant theatricality of the kitchen at work in a kind of glorious choreography. And mostly my husband Philip. We go through long stretches where we are both working on different shows at all hours and we feel like ships passing in the night. We started going in on Sundays or Mondays without reservations (although I highly suggest you make them) and sitting at the pizza counter. A little retreat. Something special. Time for quiet conversation, regrouping, and catching up. Very quickly some members of the staff remembered us and their warm familiar greetings added to the comfort. We are blessed to be able to afford this bit of luxury and it remains a ritual we treasure. There are many places in Portland I love, but right now I am struck by how many sweet memories big and small we have created from simple time shared sitting in this spot.

Portland is…“Portland is a beautiful and precious city that is growing fast; and while there is great potential in the rapid development there is also much at risk if we do not work with each other and our elected officials to foster diversity, support arts and culture, and keep the city affordable. I want to be a part of the stewardship that gives a rich, healthy, and vital Portland to ALL of our children.”

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