Saturday , December 16 2017

Tahni Holt


Intuitive and improvisational dancer and choreographer invested in the ecology of her community

Portland Native

Favorite Place:  My favorite spot is my bike commute to my dance studio, FLOCK, in the Kenton Neighborhood. I go by way of the Waste Water Treatment facility off of Columbia blvd. It is a rare convergence of many different aspects of Portland. There is the facility itself where a bike path takes you into the woods and across the Columbia slough. Wildlife is abundant, as are thoughtful public art pieces by Fernanda D’Agostino. On any given day I am joined by people from different homeless camps that pop up, families out for a stroll from the neighborhood, bikers, and golfers from Heron Lakes Golf Course. I hear industrial sounds from the treatment plant and from the trains, I hear race cars from the track at PIR, as well as calls from a flurry of different birds and every once in a while a high pitched shrill from a bald eagle. My daughter even spotted a turtle there the other day. I hear bits of conversation in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Burmese. No one particular group gets to lay claim to the space. It is a vibrant reminder of what public space should do and who public space is for. It is for all of us, as well as the wildlife that inhabits the area.”

More with Tahni Holt

January 18th-22nd, SENSATION/DISORIENTATION  performed at Reed College Performing Arts Building, Diver Studio Theatre.


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