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Win Tickets: Medea – Imago Theatre

by Euripides in a version by Ben Power of the National Theatre of London.
April 21 to May 20
Imago Theatre – 17 SE 8th Avenue
Thursdays at 7:00pm; Fridays/Saturdays at 7:30pm.



Medea is a Greek play written by Euripides, a tragedian of Classical Athens. The story is based upon the myth of Jason and Medea and was first produced in 431 BC. It is said that Medea, of the kingdom of Colchis and the wife of Jason, “betrayed her country” and “butchered her own small brother” to honor her husband. Now in exile after leaving her homeland, she finds herself in Corinth with their two small boys and an agonizing discovery. Opportunity leads Jason to leave her for a new bride, and Medea faces banishment and separation from her children. Running out of time, she forms a calculated plan to take vengeance on her unfaithful husband by committing the unthinkable.


Director Jerry Mouawad resurrects Imago’s illustrious No Exit set in this production of Medea. In 1998, Mouawad designed a deck suspended in a black void three feet off the stage floor that tips and sways in an abyss. Mouawad’s staging of Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit on this floating plane was revived three times in Portland from 1998 to 2009. The slightest move of an actor created highly dramatic scenic shifts – the world of the play in motion. “Set as metaphor!” hailed one critic. In 2006, the production ran at two Tony-award-winning theatres, receiving praise from prominent press. “Superb!” The New York Times“Great!” Variety“Wonderfully imaginative!” The Wall Street Journal; “Deliciously entertaining!” NPR. This set design coupled with Power’s version is gut wrenching and powerful!

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