Artslandia is a diverse family of media, including a variety of Artslandia titles, performing arts playbills, custom publishing services, new media options, and sponsorships. We are publishers, marketeers, and brand ambassadors. Our print publications boast a circulation of more than 800,000 issues annually with a readership of 1.5 million. Artslandia is the corner coffee shop and the neighborhood bar of arts and culture for those who make art and those who partake of art.

We invite your business to join us and take advantage of our unparalleled access and exposure to performing arts.


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We are fierce advocates of music, dance, theater, and the companies that bring these art forms to life. Our company, formed in 2008 with the sole mission of promoting the performing arts, has since grown to become a key contributor to the Pacific Northwest’s thriving arts community.

It’s important to be reminded that while the arts create livable communities, attract a creative workforce and enliven our communities, they also provide real economic return for cities.

— Former Mayor Sam Adams, City of Portland, Oregon


Thanks to a little kismet and lot of savvy, what began as a leap of faith by an ambitious 24-year-old nearly two decades ago has evolved into a pre-eminent salon for arts and culture. 

Today, our team, the A-Team, boasts 17 arts devotees whose sole mission is to create innovative and genius tactics to promote performing arts. Whether in line for coffee, on the treadmill at the gym, stuck in traffic, or seated in an audience, we are always generating unique ideas.

We are the audience, the patrons, and the donors. Our goal is to introduce new audiences, sell tickets, create lifelong patrons and donors and connect the robust performing arts community with the media and marketing savvy professionals in the business community. #ArtslandiaWasHere


When Misty Tompoles launched her first publication as a 7-year-old in Indiana—a hand-drawn tribute magazine to The Cars—her course was set. Her post as editor of her grad school literary review led to a position at a local magazine, where she fell in love with graphic design. With thanks to a generous boss, who nurtured her eagerness with on-the-job training in the art, Misty returned to her entrepreneurial roots. Dance presenters Walter Jaffe and Paul King took a chance on the fledgling graphic design shop, and PlaybillsNW was born. The venture gained four clients and published 27 playbills for a circulation of 98,000 in its first year. Several years into her meteoric rise among a performing arts community that was also experiencing an explosion of creation and appreciation, Misty returned the favor by conceiving of Artslandia—a love letter to the community of artists that shared the rising tide. 

As the publisher of Artslandia Magazine, Misty helps create and navigate the currents that course through Portland’s ever-changing cultural waters. Her influence in the media landscape has helped shape the region’s national reputation as an independent, innovative incubator for creative entrepreneurship. She herself is a fearless entrepreneur and a tenacious advocate for the art and artists that form the heart and soul of Portland.

These days, Misty is joined by an adoring staff of arts lovers, creatives, and go-getters who bond over .gifs, roller skating, and Taco Tuesday. And kittens.