Shelley McClendon is the owner and Artistic Director of The Siren Theater and Bad Reputation Productions in Portland’s Chinatown. @sirentheater


Kelly’s Olympian / SW

This bar, established in 1902, wins for best-looking in my book. The vintage motorcycle collection and neon signs are gorge.


Space Room Lounge / SE

Amazing murals and a delicious breakfast that you don’t have to stand in line to get. And they play Steely Dan, so you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic morning.

The Siren Theater / NW

Where I spend a lot of my time! It’s fun! Come here and see a show! Coming up, we have comedian Neel Nanda and SPEECHLESS, an improvised PowerPoint Competition that the The Wall Street Journal has called “comedic gold!”


My Father’s Place / SE

The perfect place for a weekend work meeting (including the one pictured here with Sketchfest producer Ted Douglass). The booths look like they are straight from Denny’s in the 1970s, only a little bit haunted.

Tough Luck / NE

The best-named bar ever. Plus, it’s spacious, and the Asian street-style food is good, and they have a great patio.

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