Longtime Portlander Howie Bierbaum is presently managing the Portland Saturday Market. Past lives include Tour Manager with Pink Martini, co-founder and Manager of Wonder Ballroom, and Executive Director of Third Angle New Music Ensemble. For over 30 years, he’s also been an independent theatrical producer. @howiebag


Saucebox / SW

The venerable Saucebox has the best happy hour in Portland, with delicious food and drinks at bargain prices. Not many people remember when it opened in the ’90s as a high-concept luncheonette (which, sadly, failed to catch on). The switch to pan-Asian cuisine was a good choicethis place never disappoints!

Rocket Fizz / SW

I often follow up Saucebox with a quick trip to Rocket Fizz, the ultimate candy and kitsch store. I’m kind of hooked on Choward’s Violet Mints, a throwback from my youth. I already have one dental implant, why not go for two?


Huber’s / SW

How can you not love another venerable eatery, Huber’s? Who can resist great turkey dinners in classy vintage digs? When I suggest it, most of my friends wrinkle their noses in confusion, but once there, they thank me while sipping a Spanish Coffee.

Keller Auditorium / SW

Odd choice, right? Ironically, I detest the Keller Auditorium. (Sorry, Portland’5… it’s ugly and the sound is dry!) However, it is the only place to see opera and big Broadway shows. Anytime someone lays a ticket on me, I’m so there and seldom have a bad time.


Portland Saturday Market / SW

Like everyone else, I take every out-of-town guest to the Saturday Market. It’s a must and a rite-of-passage for all transplanted Portlanders. Now that I work here, it’s easy to mix business with pleasure. And yes, I have a pair of tie-dyed socks. Haha.

Hollywood Theatre / NE

I’ve been going to the Hollywood Theatre for 35+ years. (I saw the premiere of Mommie Dearest there). It’s gone through hard times, but now it’s thriving and hosts a variety of film festivals, along with its usual fare of independent, classic, and mainstream hits. Oh, and they have delicious popcorn. Two buttery thumbs up!

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