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As a child, I was always captivated by stories of treasure hunting and lost cities. Thus, the Oregon Cultural Trust’s Instagram Scavenger Hunt couldn’t be more my jam. Not only does it include many of my favorite Portland landmarks, but it’s also a challenging bit of fun that rewards the adventurous.

Here is the gist: Go to culturaltrust.org for a complete list of instructions, including clues to help you locate ten of Portland’s iconic cultural treasures. Take a selfie at a location and post it to Instagram with the specified hashtags for a chance to win two nights at The Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach. I’ve crafted my Weekend Script to give you a head start, as my favorite destinations are close to ones you’ll be seeking.

Happy Hunting!



If you haven’t been to Tusk, you’ve been missing out. While the atmosphere is straight out of a lifestyle magazine, with Portland celebrities often dining amongst us regular joes, don’t be intimidated. It is all about the food, and it is fabulous.

Hollywood Theatre /
Clue 5

For those of you who eschew wet and cold, winter weekend entertainment typically includes a movie or two or three. Catching a movie is my favorite way to decompress on a Friday. The theater, which began as a silent movie palace, still packs a ton of glamour and curates fantastic flicks.


Holiday Russian Tea at Heathman Hotel’s Headwaters

Oregon Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcracker and Heathman’s Russian Tea are requisite for my family during the holidays. The experience, held in the hotel’s Headwaters restaurant, includes tea from Steven Smith and Russian delicacies passed down from chef Vitaly Paley’s grandma.

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall / Clue 3

My weekend almost certainly includes a stop at one of Portland’s gorgeous performing arts venues. It is difficult to name a favorite, but nothing compares to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall for the full experience. I feel privileged, as if I am sharing history with Portlanders of the past. Did you know that our iconic Portland sign has 2200 lightbulbs?!


Off the Waffle

Who needs brunch when you can have breakfast? The early bird misses the angry birds lined up at brunch spots around the city. This place opens early and offers heated coffee mugs and authentic Liège waffles. Go for Goat in the Headlights.

Portland Opera /
Clue 7

A stroll over the Tilikum Crossing is delightful, rain or shine. Don’t miss taking in the sights and admiring the view before hitting the box office at Portland Opera’s Hampton Opera Center on the Eastside.

Mt. Hood Brewing Co. at Tilikum Station

Finally, catch a train to Mt Hood Brewing Co. for a cold on. Actually… you can have your beer IN a train at this unique watering hole on the inner-most Eastside. End your Sunday by pretending you are on a train through the Alps instead of a train straight to Monday.