Emily Lau is a goofy and friendly award-winning composer, performance artist, singer, teacher, and social activist. Her regional and national projects include The Broken Consort, Big Mouth Society, and Disobedient Femmes. Follow Emily on Instagram at @emilylau_music. 


Tov Coffee & Tea / Hawthorne

Tov Coffee & Tea is located in a colorful, airy double decker bus on Hawthorne Blvd. I come here weekly for peace, inspiration, and authentic Egyptian coffee.

The Secret Society / NE

Secret Society is a speakeasy, recording studio, and (most importantly) dance venue with live music almost every night! I love their swing and Lindy hop lessons and dances, but it’s also a great place to experience some of the best bands around with a craft cocktail in hand.


SOMA Kombucha Taproom / SE

Start your day at this hotspot for kombucha enthusiasts with a quiet cup of deliciousness while lounging on comfy cushions admidst adorable decor.

Saturday Swing at Peninsula Park / NoPo

No matter what your midday brings, spend your Saturday evening swing dancing to upbeat music surrounded by fragrant roses and with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset at Peninsula Park.


Elk Rock Island / Milwaukie

Elk Rock Island is a quiet, gorgeous, secluded island in the middle of the Willamette River, right by the Island Station neighborhood (where I live!) of Milwaukie. There are no cars and barely any humans. It’s the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon birdwatching.

Main Street Soda Fountain / Milwaukie

After Elk Rock, walk to downtown Milwaukie to the old-time Main Street Soda Fountain and nearby nickel arcade nearby. Sugar-induced glee is the best!

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