Meet Abby Matarazzo, the cover artist for this issue of InSymphony Kids. The Oregon Symphony selected Abby’s art from the many spectacular submissions of The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra coloring page in the Kids Activity Book. Congratulations, Abby! We hope you enjoy the show.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Abby. I have just started sixth grade at Rachel Carson School of Environmental Science. I love everything to do with nature, especially taking photographs of the things I find outside. I love to do arts, crafts, and baking with my friends and family. I do a lot of doodling in my spare time. I am also a competitive gymnast, which takes up a lot of my time.

How did you get the Oregon Symphony’s Kid’s Activity Book?

My family and I went to see the Peter and the Wolf concert earlier this year, and the ushers were handing them out. I have two younger siblings, and we all enjoy going to the kids shows together. As a family, we really like going to see live performances.

What made you choose the coloring page of the instruments and kids to send to the Symphony?

I chose this page because it sparked my imagination. I love bringing color into pictures. I always like to see Norman conducting with his funky shoes, and I wanted to add the narrator because she is really funny in every performance.

What’s your favorite color? What kinds of things do you like to draw?

I love everything purple. My favorite things to draw are flowers, rainbows, and animals.

Do you play any instruments, or would you like to someday?

I took piano lessons for a few years. However, the instrument I use the most is my voice. I am in a choir and would like to continue with this in the future.

What are some of the other Oregon Symphony performances you’ve seen, and what did love you about them?

We have seen many of the Oregon Symphony performances. My favorites include Along the Oregon Trail because we had just studied it in school when we went to see it. I also really liked Cirque de la Symphonie last year. It was good to see the talented acrobats and the musicians perform together. I like going to the Symphony concerts because they always tell a story and keep the audience engaged. Pam Mahon always makes everyone laugh. It’s fun to get dressed up to go out, too!

What’s your favorite instrument in the orchestra?

My favorite instrument in the orchestra is the harp. It makes such a beautiful sound, and it is very pretty to look at.