Calling All Artists

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary Issue of Artslandia Magazine, we are launching our first-ever cover art contest at 10:10 am on February 20. We invite all of our beloved Portland Artists to join us. You know our mission. Now, let’s see you translate it into an original work of two-dimensional art. Just like with Artslandia, the sky is the limit. This city is overflowing with talented artists and creatives. If you are an artist, ENTER. If you know an artist, tell them to ENTER!

The Prize

Artslandia will award the winner of the Anniversary Cover Art Contest a $1,000 cash prize, a professional photo shoot, a two-page profile article, and — the most coveted prize of all — the cover of our 10th Anniversary Artslandia Annual.


10th Anniversary Artslandia Cover Art Contest Terms and Conditions

10th Anniversary Artslandia Cover Art Contest Terms and conditions

Article 1. Goal

Use  Artslandia’s Mission to celebrate and elevate the confluence of human connection through art as inspiration for your cover art submission.

Article 2. The Artwork
The artwork you submit must meet all applicable legal safety regulations, and you thereby indemnify Artslandia and all parties involved in the organization of Artslandia Cover Art Contest against claims from third parties.
You shall draw inspiration from Artslandia’s mission and your artwork shall be:
  1. unique and not yet commercially available;
  2. two dimensional
  3. reproducible
  4. Artwork must be in your possession (finalists will be asked to bring actual artwork to Artslandia offices)

All forms of two-dimensional forms of art are allowed. 

Article 3. Participation/registration
  • Registration ends on April 10,  2020. You must follow the procedures described on the website.
  • The contest is open to everyone.
  • Group submissions are permitted.
  • Only those who have fully completed the online form can participate.
  • You are solely responsible for completing the digital registration form and including visual samples of your design. You bear any and all costs related to producing the submitted images.
  • You can participate as often as you wish. However, you must fill out a separate registration form for per every three entry submissions.
  • If Artslandia concludes that the stated conditions have not been met, it can reject any submission from participation before, during or after the selection process.

Article 4. Categories and prizes

The Artslandia Cover Art Contest 2020 has three associated prizes:

  1. $1,000 Cash prize for the winner
  2. An editorial spread in the 10th Anniversary Issue
  3. Your artwork printed on the cover of the 10th Anniversary Issue.
Article 5. Submission of artwork
  • Submission of the completed digital registration form on Artslandia’s website is the only way of participating.
  • Participants are not permitted to deliver physical examples of their artwork to Artslandia.
  • participants must submit their design exclusively as a digital document with description, images using the registration form on the Artslandia’s website.
Article 6. Selection
  • The initial selection round for each category will be based on an evaluation of the digital submissions by a jury made up by Artslandia. This committee will select the top 20 submissions.
  • The jury will then score the finalist through an anonymous digital method.
  • The top score will be selected and revealed at a public Design Week Event on April 20th, 2020.
  • The Artslandia reserves the right to reject a submission before, during or after the selection process.
Article 7. Intellectual property
  • By submitting your design, you guarantee that the artwork is your own creation and does not violate the rights of third parties, with respect to copyrights, design  rights  and trademark rights. You also indemnify the Artslandia against any  claims  made  by third parties claiming earlier rights to your work.
  • By submitting your artwork, you grant the Artslandia the right to:
    1. potentially display your artwork at an exhibition at the Artslandia and/or an external location;
    2. potentially use your artwork and all digital images for PR or marketing purposes (online and/or offline) – before, during and after the Artslandia Cover Art Contest event on April 20, 2020. You will be credited by name;
    3. potentially allow images of your design to be published in press and media, and also potentially allow digital and analogue representations of your work to be used in educational, informative, promotional, interactive tools and platforms related to the Artslandia – whether these are existing or developed in the future;
    1. potentially allow your images of your artwork to be included in publications produced by Artslandia, including exhibition catalogues, magazines and books.

The Artslandia offers no reimbursement for the above rights. If necessary, you also agree to sign a separate statement of consent to further establish these rights.

Article 8. Binding judgement
  • No correspondence will be entered into between participant and publication relating to the selection, results and Artslandia Cover Art Contest event.
Article 9. Realization of winning design
The Artslandia has the right to have your artwork produced or realized (by a third party) and be included in the Artslandia’s collection for an agreed period. If Artslandia deems it necessary, a separate agreement will be made on the conditions of the production process. Artslandia retains the right to end at any time any discussions related to such an agreement if the publication deems such discussions will not have meaningful results.

Article 10. Other

  • Employees, suppliers and freelancers related to Artslandia, their family members and Artslandia partners are not allowed to participate.
  • Designs that are not available in the proper way for consideration by the jury will be excluded from participation.
  • On request, nominees and winners will be credited whenever possible.
  • The privacy policy describes how Artslandia handles personal data.
  • The Artslandia may, at its discretion and without prior notice expand on or otherwise alter any of the stated conditions during the submission process.
  • By agreeing to the conditions upon submission of your work, you also allow Artslandia to request additional information.
  • By agreeing to the conditions, you confirm that the information entered by you is truthful.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by United States law.