At times, real-life becomes so extraordinary in some way that it mirrors the creative world’s richly rendered versions. It’s here that we stand today. Watching this real-life drama unfold has us reflecting on the role of art in our humanity. We recall reading that many of the things that are important to our souls — beauty, hope, joy, tolerance, inspiration — are fostered through the arts, and it seems more important than ever to keep our souls nourished.  Though our beloved performances are canceled, Artslandia’s mission to elevate and celebrate the arts remains steadfast. We are pressing ahead with our work to celebrate the confluence of human connection, even though its expression must temporarily shift. In this unique space of uncertainty, I challenged the Artslandia team to consider what contribution they would make to our world if freed from the daily churn. Two things we know to be true: 1. Our powers of creative innovation have always been our company’s lifeforce; 2. We are immeasurably fortunate to represent art and artists, a sphere of existence in which hope springs eternal and guiding lights are plentiful. Thus, we’ve decided that the energy we usually pour into elevating the arts will go toward uplifting our community. Instead of cultivating engagement with the arts, we’ll cultivate hope. We’ll celebrate its power and the beauty of having, sharing, and believing in it. These are the creative approaches we’ve summoned to bring you art by any means possible during this time of dark marquees.

1. GOOD NEWS: Even in the most trying times throughout history, incredible stories of the power of the human spirit emerge every day. Our social media will exist solely to spread positive, feel-good news from our community of arts lovers –– locally, domestically, and globally.

2. ADVENTURES IN ARTSLANDIA: Podcast host Susannah Mars will continue to engage in intimate conversations with creatives while taking into account the latest guidelines on in-person interactions.

3. ARTSLANDIA HAPPY HOUR: We invite you to belly up to our Facebook page for virtual Happy Hour at 5 p.m. for live-stream performances, interviews, and conversations on arts-related topics. This is an opportunity to bring people together…without bringing them together.If there are things you need from us or additional ways we can support you, please let us know. So, take the time to read Artslandia’s daily feed. Engage with us. Help us use the power of the human spirit to navigate trying times. If our content moves you, share it with those you love, and maybe they will share it, and so on, and so on. (We see the irony.) Together we can spread respect, love, inspiration, and above all, hope. And most importantly, we wish good health for you and your families.

Let’s be better on the other side of this.

Be Well,

Misty Tompoles