Bag&Baggage Productions, Hillsboro’s resident professional theater company, throws out the proverbial cookie-cutter and introduces you to a new Lou Who in their production of Who’s Holiday by Matthew Lombardo, directed by Hillsboro-raised director Melory Mirashrafi in their Bag&Baggage directorial debut! “Who’s Holiday is a raucous, nonstop roller coaster of chaos––it’s got music, comedy, lots of joy, and a whole lot of camp!” Says Mirashrafi, “The comedy is outrageous, the characters are larger-than-life––Who’s Holiday is the perfect way to take a step back to destress during the holiday season.”

Who’s Holiday continues Bag&Baggage’s tradition of radically rethinking classic tales, and introduces the audience to a middle-aged, nearly-pickled version of little Cidy Lou Who – and boy does she have a story to tell. “What better way to honor the theme of reimagine than this completely reimagined Dr. Seuss story?” Mirashrafi says, “Who’s Holiday introduces you to a whole new side of Cindy Lou Who, and that on its own is reason enough to catch this show.”

With Who’s Holiday Bag&Baggage aims to honor (admittedly while poking-fun-of) the literary legacy of Dr. Seuss, while at the same time honoring the performance tradition of drag! Cindy Lou Who will be played by drag artist Quesa DaMondays (AKA Alec Cameron Lugo) in her homecoming performance with Bag&Baggage! Mirashrafi notes “Bag&Baggage has had a decades-long history of celebrating the art of drag in their holiday shows––I’m thrilled that we’re continuing this tradition, and can’t wait to introduce you to our incredible Quesa DaMondays, she’s a whole lot of fun!”

 Who’s Holiday previews November 30th, and runs December 1st – 17th at The Vault Theater in downtown Hillsboro. Tickets are offered at a sliding scale from $20 – $35, and can be purchased on their website Affordability and accessibility options are available.

This article is published courtesy of Bag&Baggage.