Misty is the innovative leader who has been at the helm of Artslandia since its founding in 2006 and En Face Magazine’s launch in 2022,  though her foray into the world of print media began at 7 years old when she launched her publishing career as the self-proclaimed CEO of Misty Sturgeon, Inc., creating and selling magazines door-to-door in her neighborhood.

Since then her passion for the printed word has only grown and has been combined with her passion for supporting arts organizations and providing services that support their creative endeavors by taking things off their plates to make room for creativity that can change the world, offering them playbills at the highest level of professionalism and giving those playbills as a gift to the audience that also supports our partner organizations.

Outside of work she loves taking something old and discarded and making it beautiful once again. From a chair to an abandoned building, she finds value in saving and fixing. She is deeply committed to raising a kind human being, trying to add beauty to the world, and consuming as much art and culture as possible. Misty is a Hoosier by birth, Illinoisian by design, Oregonian by nurture, and a Californian by nature.